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Onlookers were stunned by what they saw Monday evening: A little boy inside the Bear Claw machine at Madsen Bowling and Billiards in Nebraska.  He had apparently wandered away from his parents and crawled up the prize drop.  Eventually, he was freed and returned to his parents … and he even got to keep a prize toy.


Have you met Ashol-Pan? The 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia was photographed by Asher Svidensky, who spoke to BBC World Service about his trip to western Mongolia

"The generation that will decide what will happen with every tradition that Mongolia contains is this generation," says Svidensky, who showed Ashol-Pan’s family the photographs on his laptop.

“Everything there is going to change and is going to be redefined - and the possibilities are amazing.

A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia

Is this the future of TV?

Do you think Aereo is changing the future of television? I’m interviewing the company’s CEO, Chet Kanojia, who is headed to the Supreme Court next week to argue why his company’s technology should be legal. If you’ve used Aereo, what was your experience? Do you think it’s the future of cable TV? Tell me what you think and check back Thursday to watch the full interview.