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What’s so ”terrible” about a phone working like a free-to-air pocket TV? Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I don’t see the difference, except that it’s turning your phone or tablet computer into a pocket TV. What’s the difference, except that the phone may be able to work like a portable recorder of free-to-air signals, basically taking a VCR or DVD recorder on the road with you?

Submitted by Mike Christensen

What do you think is the future of TV? Tell Katie here.


Television used to be free; for years now we can only watch public channels by purchasing the “basic” cable package. I have always resented that but had no choice. Even with antennas the reception is horrible. Is there a way to get free access?

Television was considered a another way of communication like radio. Why are we being forced to purchase cable if we want to view “public” television.

Thank you for a great job you do hitting on important issues.

Submitted by Rikki Martinez

What do you think is the future of TV? Tell Katie here